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About us and Rules!

:star:Welcome to OMGPONIESYAY - A group for anyone who loves ponies and horses from cartoon to realistic! This group is Rated G, so pony friends of ALL AGES are welcome! We welcome anyone who loves pony art and the artists, who create awesome pony-related art! Not just limited to fans of MLP:FiM, but open to anyone who just loves cute lil' ponies! :star:



Want to join?
:bulletpink: Join by clicking "Join the Group" above this blog page.
:bulletpink: You must love ponies/horses
:bulletpink: Please read the guidelines for submissions and please be always kind to one another. Trolling and being hateful will get you banned from this group.
:bulletpink: You can also watch this page if you would rather not join and contribute.

Can I suggest faves?
:bulletpurple:Yes, you can. Anyone can suggest some faves!

How do I submit artwork?
:bulletpink:You can submit artwork when you are a member of the group. Click "Submit to this Gallery" and submit to the *correct folder* (please see below!).
:bulletpink:This group is RATED G to allow anyone of any age to join the group, so please keep this in mind: anything graphic or sexual in nature or offensive to most our members is not allowed and WILL be removed. This does include the descriptions too! Please use your best judgment. Not sure about a deviation? Please send us a note first!
:bulletpink:Deviations are currently limited to two devs per day, and one pic per deviation please! Please no WIP-pics or different versions of the same art.
:bulletpink:Obviously, only pony/horse/equine related artwork is accepted. (sadly no Spike/ Discord/Gummy/Angel Bunny without ponies included)
:bulletpink: Please submit your best work. No sloppy sketches or work done on lined notebook paper is accepted. We love to see effort in pony artwork!
:bulletpink: The gallery is only for original artist work. Please no screenshots, recolors, tracing, Pony Builder-made ponies and so on.
:bulletpink: The gallery is only for original artist work. We don't accept 100% show-accurate vectors and art, as a continuation of the rule previous to this. This is because we cannot be sure if the art is traced or not, and we like to keep the art in this group original.
:bulletpink: Submissions are all voted upon by pony admins. Please give us up to 7 days to accept your deviation, unless specified. If we do not accept your work within a day, please DO NOT keep resubmitting the same deviation- this clogs up our inbox!

What folders can I submit to?
:bulletblue:Stamps: Pretty self-explanatory; here you can submit any stamp relating to My Little Pony or ponies in general. Please, no offensive or hateful messages.
:bulletblue:Animated Ponies: Anything that has some form of animated pony(ies). It must be "G" rated.
:bulletblue: Customs Ponies: This folder is for all rated G customs of My Little Ponies or other horse/pony toys.
:bulletblue: Crafts and Keychains: The place for paper dolls, plushies, home crafts, beads, badges, patches, charms, pins, ornaments, magnets, stamps, sewing goods, and of course, keychains!
:bulletblue: Clothes and Accessories: Here you can submit any type of clothing or accessory that relates to ponies. They can be handmade or designs. Do not submit lingerie, or anything seductive. Designs cannot have profanity or anything offensive. No keychains, badges, or pins; those belong in the "crafts" folder.
:bulletblue: Pony Costuming: This folder is for all (Rated G as always!) pony costuming and cosplay. Can be of your own pony costume or of others, and realistic or cartoon pony costumes are accepted.
:bulletblue: Pony Photography: This folder is for all rated G photography of ponies including real ponies and toy ponies.
:bulletblue:Food Related: This is for anything involving food from pastries, to pumpkin carvings, to drawings. Just remember to keep it kid friendly!
:bulletblue: Traditional Media Ponies: This folder is work all rated G ponies done in traditional media- pencil, pen, paint, marker, colored pencil, sculpture, and any other traditional media. Please do not submit quick sketches or incomplete drawings. No tracing please.
:bulletblue:Pony Lit: This folder is for any pony related literature that is appropriate for all readers. Includes poetry, short stories and any other literature.
:bulletblue: Comics and Strips: Have a comic? Send it here! We even allow tumblr posts so long as it has a minimal of 2 panels. Comics must be G rated.
:bulletblue: Digitally Made Ponies: This folder is for all rated G digital media ponies, basically anything made on the computer. Please do not submit recolors, tracings, sloppy or incomplete drawings, screen shots, ponies made with doll makers, or multiple deviations of the same work (ie do not submit a pony by itself, then the same drawing just with a background).
:bulletblue:Anthro Ponies: This folder is for all rated G pony anthros from all media! Got some cute pony art that is kinda half human, half pony? Have you made awesome human versions of ponies? Submit it here!
:bulletblue:Ponified: This folder is for any fictional character, person, celebrity or animal that has been turned into a pony.
:bulletblue:Pony Crossovers: For any type of crossovers in general. Remember, noting over the "G" rating is allowed.
:bulletblue:Misc. Ponies: This folder is for any other rated G pony stuff that does not go into the other categories. Ponies done with doll makers, reference sheets, minecraft screens, creators, games, tattoos, etc all go in here.
:bulletblue:holiday ponies any art work at all to do with holidays, things like thanks giving, halloween, easter, xmass and so on, if its holiday related then it should go in hear

Can I invite my friends into this group?
:bulletpurple:Please do! Let them know we're here and OMG THERE ARE PONIES!!! YAAAAAAAAY!

How to Affiliate Groups
:bulletpink:If you have a group and you want to affiliate with us, then please send us a affiliate invite!

:iconeufrosis:Thanks and enjoy OMGPONIESYAY!!!:iconeufrosis:

Gallery Folders

Pony Lit
Pony Crossovers
Logos and Cutie Marks
Designs and Wallpaper
Misc-Minecraft, Ref Sheets
Holiday Ponies
Derpy Hooves Tribute
pinkies stash
Digitally Made Ponies 4
Pony Figures

Random from Favourites

:iconlovefavsplz:OMGFaves as submitted by members of the group!!

Group Info


Welcome to OMG Ponies Yay!! This is a group dedicated to ponies!! All pony (and horse) fans and pony artists are invited to join and display their work! Please see about us for more details!
Founded 4 Years ago
Oct 6, 2010


Group Focus
Common Interest

5,402 Members
4,724 Watchers
128,079 Pageviews
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This was written by aNIGHTLYpony for the group DeviantBroniesElite


My fellow bronies, we have recieved some very sad news and i'm asking you all to read about this serious matter,

Michael Morones, an 11 year old boy in North Carolina, recently attempted to take his own life due to bullying received on account of being a brony. Fortunately, the attempt was caught and halted in time to save his life, but he sustained severe brain damage.

The family has reached out and is asking if the COMMUNITY (this includes US) from the show he loves can help out with the medical expenses.

i'm asking you, as a fellow brony and more importantly as a Human being to support this cause! every penny, big or small helps and donating is a wonderful way to do something really good! if you really are a caring brony,if you truly care about what happens in our community, If you have been bullied yourself and if you have a a heart, please donate ^.0

Let's show the world that even though we're generally geeky,deviant, different,gender-stereotype-defying people, we can do something REALLY GOOD. IF the brony community has given you so much like it did for me and a LOT of other people, now is the opportunity to give something back!

What can you do for Michael? :

visit the facebook page:…
read the EQD article :…
Donate via paypall via this adress:
and most importantly: take action and spread the word, Unity is power!

thank you very much for reading!


There is now a Go Fund Me Page for Michael:…

$10,000 have been raised as of 9:12 Central US Time on 01/29/2014! Keep up the good work!

You can bid on these items to help out:

Rarity Plushie:…

Autographs, Prints, Posters, Buttons Lot:…

Rarity Custom Figure:…

Daring Do Plushie:

If you are auctioning an item for the fund, please let me know!

More Journal Entries


:iconmeowlaplz:OMG! Other awesome groups!:iconlameowplz:


:iconlawooplz:OMG its your pony admin and co-admins!!:iconjumpinglaplz:

Gots any questions, comments, suggestions for the group?? Then please send one of us a message!! woot woot!!!

Cofounders are Active, Founder is not.







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